The Elegant Journey Wedding Experience

Wedding Rolls Royce of Choice

An Elegant Journey begins in the bay area. Limousine service that reflects our passion for classic cars and your own passion for sophisticated style is just around the bend at We know it can be overwhelming and confusing to plan a major event, but think of a Rolls Royce wedding limousine as an ideal centerpiece for a classy, elegant event that pays the proper homage to the guests of honor. Our exotic limousines run the gamut from the lovingly restored and maintained 1909 Rolls Royce to the extremely rare and lush Excalibur Limousine.

Browse our articles for a bit of history about the Rolls Royce company, our spectacular and rare wedding Rolls Royce car collection and a few hints on how a well chosen Rolls Royce wedding limousine can kick-start a retro ball your guests will never forget.

Not your Everyday Wedding Transportation

Have you ever noticed how even the most modest of cars shines so brilliantly in the San Francisco, California sunshine? If you have never been up close to a meticulously restored, lovingly cared for antique luxury car, you cannot imagine the magical beauty of these classic automobiles. Elegant Journey is the premier Bay Area limousine service, because we can imagine it - and we make it happen.

Genuine Rolls Royce Wedding Limousine

For occasions that call for a quality, genuine Rolls Royce wedding car, hire the company that takes the utmost care to offer the real deal: Elegant Journey. Our company uses only exquisitely restored antiques and genuine Rolls Royce wedding limousine models, not reproduction vehicles, kit cars or poorly rehabbed customs. We're proud of our gorgeous fleet.

The Rolls Royce Wedding Car: Hire History

Customers seeking a vintage Rolls Royce wedding limousine can rest assured that the options they'll encounter in their search don't get any more flawless and priceless than the fleet at Elegant Journey.

Hire Rolls Royce Vintage Wedding Cars

When people see our perfectly restored, prestine limousines, they're sometimes inspired to take things a step further with a retro ceremony. Thinking of a roaring '20s theme? Hire Rolls Royce. Vintage wedding plans come together quickly with a 1927 Stutz limousine to set the stage. Or, if you prefer a limousine of the 50's era, consider our one of a kind custom 1956 wedding Rolls Royce limousine.

Time Period Wedding? Rolls Royce Transports

That air of authenticity starts when you hire Rolls Royce. Vintage wedding tips in upcoming articles will help you sort out other ways to get the period event of your dreams. Regardless of whether you choose a decade theme or not, Elegant Journey's luxury limousine services offer timeless style to an event you'll cherish forever. There's plenty of time to consider themes in the months before the big day. In the meantime, view photos of our amazing fleet to get your imagination kick-started.

Rolls Royce Classic Car for Weddings

For most people on most days, the rule of frugality reigns. But, all bets are off in the celebration of nuptials. This thrilling time of life is the one time when a young couple is allowed - perhaps even expected - to go all out in the public declaration of their love and commitment to one another.

Roll out in style in an early 20th century Rolls Royce classic car for weddings, proms, upscale parties, bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs, anniversaries, or congratulate that special someone in grand fashion on a promotion or other big accomplishment. Or, to make a grand, romantic gesture, turn a Rolls Royce wedding car into a "just because coach."

Vintage Limousine Rental for Wedding Authenticity

Few limousine services in the Bay Area pay the same attention to detail as Elegant Journey. Since 1979, we have brought impeccable automobiles and meticulous service to customers in the San Francisco Bay area. Limousine models in our fleet date back to 1909 and forward.

Elegant Journey limousine services in the Bay area of California offer pristine early era limousines that can serve as the inspiration and centerpiece of a retro-themed wedding. Consider these ideas, and then choose a vintage limousine rental for wedding authenticity.

1900s: A Great Look for your Wedding

For an authentic, turn of the century look, the groom could dress in a tuxedo that includes pin-striped trousers, the hard removable shirt collar of the day, frock coat and top hat. Toward the end of the decade, women were fond of the narrow, slimming hobble skirts, paired with waist-cinching bustles. It's a wonderfully feminine look for a bride.

Zero in on a World's Fair theme with a few subtle touches. Serve ice cream cones, which were unwittingly "invented" during the 1904 exposition in St. Louis. Also popular with fairgoers were cut glass punch bowls, which can be used to serve punch or filled with water and floating candles for a centerpiece. Vintage ruby glassware or reproduction pieces could serve the same purpose.

Toying with the 1910s: Limousine Rental from Elegant Journey

Consider decorating in black-and-white in honor of the silent movie era. Follow the theme with black-and-white pictures next to your San Francisco Bay area limousine. (Elegant Journey's 1909 Rolls Royce is perfect for a silent movie look.)

For a fun and rustic reception, decorate tables at the reception hall with items representing the popular diversions of the day:

  • Tinker toys
  • Lincoln logs
  • Quija boards
  • Ocean liners

Guests are guaranteed to have a great time amusing themselves with the decor. For an added taste of nostalgia, hire a pianist to play jaunty ragtime music during the dinner hour, or just spin a CD of Irving Berlin hits.

1920s: Elegant Limousines

Also known as the "Jazz Age," or the roaring twenties, we saw the emergence of the flapper. This "modern" young woman danced the Charleston, shimmy and Fox-trot. What a fantastic way to cut loose at a reception, especially for an older bride who doesn't necessarily want a traditional long dress.

Celebrate the dawn of aviation, and tip a hat to Charles Lindberg, by placing darling Spirit of St. Louis replica planes on guest tables. And Elegant Journey, the bay area limousine service of choice, has the perfect coach for the guests of honor: a 1927 Stutz limousine.

1950s: A great era for limos

The post-World War II era witnessed the explosion of television in the American household. Celebrate this wholly American institution with a nod to the favorite programs of the day: "I Love Lucy," "The Honeymooners" and "The Ed Sullivan Show." Happily, for auto enthusiasts, the '50s also saw the birth of the muscle car and an era in which the automobile was center stage in people's everyday lives. The Rolls Royce company's Silver Cloud was making waves in the upscale communities for its style, quality and innovation.

Genuine care, authentic wedding limousine services

Elegant Journey has never been just about selling people limousine rentals. It has always been about passion ... about passing along some of that passion to people who love sophistication, style and elegance as much as we do.

As you may now realize, wedding limousine services need not be an afterthought for a fantasy come true - in fact, the limousine can be a terrific starting point from which to build a theme. There is no reason a perfect matrimonial service can't begin with help from Elegant Journey limousine service. San Francisco Bay area couples have relished the lavish attention of this family-owned business since its inception nearly 30 years ago.