The Best Bay Area Limousine Service

You can have it all with Elegant Journey Limousines

Elegant Journey is the most attentive and most trusted limousine company in the bay area. Limousine service includes the services of a highly trained chauffer, the red carpet treatment and other wonderful additions that turn typical wedding transportation into an Elegant Journey.

But, if a limousine ride on the big day seems lavish beyond your budget, think again. A few frugal choices elsewhere in the planning process are all that's needed to free up enough money for the journey of a lifetime.

Get gorgeous and fun table decor or party favors for next to nothing. For example, wrap cute candies or even tree seedlings in tulle and a ribbon for your guests to take home. Years later, they'll have a lovely tree to help them remember your knockout, limo-driven appearance at the reception.

Save hundreds of dollars on flowers with simple but smart do-it-yourself arrangements. Simplicity is in - and incredibly easy to pull off. Order bunches of hearty wholesale flowers, such as fresh daisies, roses or lilies a few days ahead. (These varieties hold up extremely well, especially under refrigeration.) On the day of the event, simply tie a bundle of flowers with a fancy ribbon and you're good to go.

Read on for more ways to save money and still have the day of your dreams with your choice of exotic limousines.

The Best Bay Area Limousine Service

The day a couple marries is not an occasion that calls for austerity or even modesty, necessarily. If you have never at any other time in your life experienced true pampering, you owe it to yourself and your future spouse to have that luxury for your wedding. Transportation to the church and hall in an exquisite antique limousine is an unbelievable treat for the senses, and a terrific way to begin a new life together.

Bay Area Limousine Service at its Finest

At Elegant Journey, we know all too well that there are few times in life when most people can choose to spare no expense to have the perfect day. And, just as our happy customers enjoy being showered with attention, we love going the extra mile. That's why we gladly work hard to keep our reputation for providing the finest limousine rental service in the bay area. Limousine models at Elegant Journey can be found almost nowhere else in the world. Case in point: the Excalibur.

Excalibur, King of Exotic Limousines

Elegant Journey is proud to offer some of the most unique classic automobiles on the road today. The highly prized Excalibur is without a doubt one of the world's rarest and most exotic limousines. In fact, the Excalibur - the only automobile to be designed and built as a true limousine, rather than a stretch conversion of a smaller car - was limited to just 12 limousines ever produced. Several of these were acquired by private collectors, who keep them garaged. So, the opportunity to ride in this amazing model is an experience few people in the world will ever get the chance to have. It's doubtful any other Bay Area limousine company can claim the same bragging rights. Because of the priceless nature of the Excalibur, only carefully screened and thoroughly trained chauffeurs are permitted to take the wheel. So, in addition to a rare automobile - complete with leather interior and fine zebrano and teak wood dash and trim - passengers get the polish and panache that only a seasoned Chauffeur can offer.

Rolls Royce: Rental of Quality

At Elegant Journey, Rolls Royce rental isn't a business - it's a passion. The operation was founded in 1979 and is family owned and run. The Rose family's love for quality vintage cars means renters get the joy of riding in expertly selected luxury coaches that are lovingly cared for and elegantly appointed. And, each journey is respectfully attended by specially trained and impeccably dressed chauffeurs.

A momentous, life-altering event such as a marriage is a cause for celebration like no other. There are few moments in life that are as important and joyful as this, and perhaps the only day that many people experience anything indulgent or lavish. So, treat yourself and your betrothed to a day of fantasy with a Rolls Royce wedding car- without the fanciful pricetag.

Luxury Limousine Services for Couples

There are few times in life as exciting - and as potentially stressful - as an engagement. After all, there are so many little details the bride and groom need to address in the planning of their wedding. Rolls Royce limo shopping is surely one task the future groom will gladly take off the hands of the harried bride-to-be. He'll certainly be happy talking to Elegant Journey about luxury limousine services, because he will feel satisfied that he's getting a great value on his antique car rental - and he'll love viewing the fleet.

Easier-than-you-think Limo Affordability

As addressed in other articles, there are countless ways to trim a wedding budget to accommodate other luxuries, such as quality limousine service. (In the bay area, Elegant Journey is the company to choose for the rarest, most pristine automobiles and unbeatable customer satisfaction.) With minimal advance planning, a few well thought out money-saving moves could have you moving in style in the back of a bay area limo in no time.

Bay Area Limo on a Budget

A professional photographer is generally worth the high cost. However, consider limiting his or her services to a shorter time period or a small number of poses at a reduced price. Ask the photographer show for the start of the ceremony and stay for just the first hour of the reception to get the highlights. The photographer can capture all the vital moments - the bride and groom entrance and exit, ring exchange, reception entrance, first dance, toast and cake cutting - and you can enlist guests to capture other memorable moments. Pass out inexpensive disposable cameras to trusted friends and family. They'll have a ball snapping candid shots, and you'll save a bundle.

Best Limousine Service in the Bay Area

No other Bay Area limousine company pairs the lavishness of a rare automobile collection with the conscientious attention to individual needs. At Elegant Journey, a ride isn't just a ride ... It's a destination in and of itself. For the most personal, professional limousine service in the bay area, you owe it to yourself to get to know Elegant Journey.

Don't forget to have your photographer take some of the photos in sepia tone (next to your 1909 Rolls Royce limousine rental) for wedding mementos with a truly authentic, antique flavor.

San Francisco Bay Area Limousine

As you can see, unlike other limousine services in the bay area, Elegant Journey is more than willing to take extra steps to get you moving in the right direction - in style. Read on for hints on 1920s and 1950s themes.

Bay area limousine service for everyone

The modern American consumer has come to expect only the highest quality and value for their money, no matter what the price. San Francisco limousine service is no exception. That's why Elegant Journey has made such an indelible mark on the bay area: limousine service that is uncompromising in its integrity.

No-cost Advice: San Francisco limousine service

Elegant Journey, your Bay area limousine service of choice, expands its already huge commitment to customer care with complimentary advice on making the most of your limo rental experience with period weddings.

Limousine service, San Francisco Bay area

Hopefully, the fun tips and advice we've offered on how to throw a period wedding, limousine services that complement the era and saving money have proved helpful, even if for no other purpose than to get gears in your head turning and set some creative wheels in motion. We want the experience to be more than a business transaction, and we know you do to. Your special event - whether it is a first marriage, remarriage, prom, anniversary, birthday or "just because" treat - is everything to you, and it means the world to us, too.

Elegant Journey has made its name as the limousine service San Francisco Bay area residents and visitors have come to trust for museum-quality limousines, sharp attention to detail, and respectful, dignified service and integrity.