The Ultimate Wedding, Rolls Royce Style

The long tradition of making a statement by being seen riding in the back of a limousine likely goes back to the very day the first model rolled off the assembly line. The limo was built for performance, comfort, style and to lend an air of dignity and elegance to special people or once-in-a-lifetime events. It makes sense, then, that this acknowledgement of the true functionality of luxury limousine services - to make a statement about the passengers' worth and status - would give birth to its use as part of the celebration of a wedding. Rolls Royce, Bentley, Cadillac and other motor companies have set the bar for opulence in limousines. So, it is from these auspicious ranks that Elegant Journey Limousine selects the gold standard among limos: it’s rare and beautiful Rolls Royce rental limousines.

Rolls Royce Wedding Car: History Embodied

These days, we recognize the Rolls Royce classic car for weddings and other special events in which the cars are featured. However, the quality British car company has a long, rich history and tradition of innovation that dates back to 1884 with an electrical and mechanical business and a local automobile manufacturer.

Elegant Journey by the Decade

Our 1909 Rolls Royce Convertible rolled off the assembly line just three years after the legendary automaker was founded. And, already the Rolls-Royce Company had earned a reputation for producing one of the finest, best made vehicles in the world. You'll see why when you get a long look at the interior: hand stitched upholstery in a beautiful convertible. Hand rubbed mahogany shine brilliantly in Elegant Journey's 1932 Cadillac Limousine wedding car. Hire this chauffeur-driven beauty for unmatched style. The 1927 Stutz is an absolutely unblemished example of Jazz Age sophistication. Its beautiful platinum metallic paint, hand-rubbed Peruvian walnut bar and meticulously sculptured interior carpet put the Stutz decades ahead of its time. Truly an automobile of distinction.

The 1950s were a very good decade for the limousine. Elegant Journey's own 1956 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud was a favorite of celebrities and dignitaries who enjoyed the car's flash and performance.

Partnership that Created Rolls Royce

When Henry Royce met Charles Rolls in 1904, Henry was already running a successful electrical and mechanical business and had manufactured his first vehicle. His new found friend was known in London for his own upscale cars. The two eventually formed their own company and line of six-cylinder vehicles: Rolls Royce. Wedding car rentals from Elegant Journey include incredibly rare models and antique vehicles that date back nearly to the inception of the historic company: