Reasons to Choose a Vintage Wedding Car:

They are Full of Character

Most couples that choose a vintage wedding car do so because of the way it looks. Vintage cars are effortlessly stylish and full of character, and they will look fantastic in your wedding photos. Their design is generally more complex and intricate than a modern car, and there are more possibilities for decorating a vintage car. If you are having a classic or vintage themed wedding, an older style car is a must to complement your theme.

They have Historic Significance

A vintage car captures the essence of days gone by, and represents a piece of history and culture. Some couples choose a particular vintage car because their father or grandfather used to drive one, or for another reason that is personally significant to them. A vintage car is special because it soaks up the romance of each and every couple that has used it for their wedding over the years.

They are Unique

Your wedding day will be completely different to any other day of your life, so you want every experience to be special and unique. No matter how luxurious or expensive a modern wedding car is, it won't be all that different to travelling in your every day car. Travelling in a vintage car isn't something you do very often, so it will add a little extra magic to your wedding day.