1932 Cadillac Limousine

Few automobiles are fortunate enough to have the fine heritage of the name Cadillac. Beautiful, sleek, powerful…simple words used to describe the poetry in motion inherent in every Cadillac. Our 1932 Cadillac Limousine will ultimately take you back to a refined gracefulness of a bygone era. As you caress the hand-rubbed mahogany trim and supple full leather interior you will experience quality that runs deep in each finely crafted component. The 1932 Cadillac with its timeless beauty is truly the epitome of precision engineering and luxury.

"Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue." This is a good luck saying which dates back to the Victorian era and many brides will try and ensure that they have something of each in their wedding. Something Blue in ancient times is the symbol of faithfulness, purity and loyalty."

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